‘Haaaaaave you met Ted?’

TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader. Their tag line is ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’.
It’s a great way to broaden your mind about things of this world – new ideas, innovations, world issues – in a way that today’s world is so used to: watching a video.
It brings together people from different backgrounds and ideologies, and creates a platform for them to voice their concern to the world. Because of this, it focuses on topics that stimulates thinking, or ones that can make a difference. And it’s amazing how listening to how diversely other people think, it can truly open your mind.

I went on a bit of a TED spree yesterday and one of the topics was on how a fly flies. SubhanAllah what an amazing creation it is, and one that we deem so unworthy..! They have 100,000 neurons in their brain – which is more than ours, by the way – and the whole process of flying is controlled extensively by their nervous system. I wonder how much we use our brain cells!

Another guy had gotten tired of forgetting things that happen in his life, how all the days blur and your don’t remember what you’ve done, so he decided to record a second of his life everyday and compile it into one video. Just having that one second would enable him to remember everything else of significance that happened that day, and visualisation is the best way to trigger that. This was very stimulating because he then realised he needed to do interesting things in order to have an interesting video.
Which made me wonder, if we were to do this project, what would our videos look like? We are encouraged to think outside the box, to be innovative, interesting people, ones who know how to appreciate life and have fun. I think only with a project like this staring at us in our face would we realise just how much of those kind of people we are not. Which of course, makes it a great reason to do this so that we start thinking about how we can change our lives for the better. On a good day, there might be more than one second to choose from, but it is important to record the bad days as well to remember that life is not always a fun ride. At some point, it dips.
“…And these days (of varying conditions) We alternate among the people…” (3:140)
We walk around with hi-tech phones and gadgets, surely we can record one second of our day? And it might be hard to pinpoint that second, but the whole idea is for us to start doing things differently so that we will have a second to choose from.
Actually, even our normal daily life isn’t so bad. It might be interesting to see it from that perspective. So do this: record a second of each day – the days we think are so uneventful and monotonous – and view it differently. It is a good way to asses how much you need to do, not to mention the fact that we would want to reduce on our sins if we’d actually be able to remember them now..!

I got lectured by KidPresident on how we need to stop being boring and stop fighting – who’s side are we on anyway, because it does not seem like we’re all on the same team..!
It made me realise that while a kid would not have the experience to dish out advice like we do, their fitrah is still intact which makes their advice that much more honest and true to the heart. Adults can’t say it like children can! [I Think We All Need A Pep Talk]

The most interesting was on how we think of charity all wrong and the way to tackle this issue. It was a fascinating insight for those of us who do not run charity organisations on just how much work there is to be done and how strategy isn’t just a thing of profitable businesses. This talk spoke for itself, it should definitely go on your watch list.

So that’s TED. The talks are maximum about half an hour long, there is an app available for Apple and Android that has a the whole library which updates regularly. Listen to it while you’re cooking, when you’re driving – anytime that you’re not using your brain and can afford to feed it with something intellectual.
We have more time on our hands to listen than read now, so if you’re looking to broaden your mind in non-time-wasting affairs of the world, this is the way to go.


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