Could it be a Miracle?

My sister saw this picture on my Pinterest board and asked me “Do you really?”


I said “Of course I do!” But it also made me realise that mostly, we say it because it sounds fanciful and fun, like “faith, trust and pixie dust” and the likes. Where does our belief in it lie? I was wondering if she didn’t believe in miracles at all, because that would be a bit worrying, considering we have the parting of the Red Sea to think about, the Qur’an itself, the splitting of the moon… But her issue was not regarding all that. Rather, we don’t see miracles today because we aren’t worth it.
And this is an understanding that most of us have: we will never get the likes of the marvels of old because we are just not worthy.

I could tell you that the sun is a miracle, the sea is full of them, and so is the earth itself. The creation of everything that resides in it, everything that flies over it, our human bodies with its complexities are such amazing wonders in themselves. But how do we realise the miracle in creation if it’s something we have heard time and again and therefore not regard them any differently? Surrounded by the grandeur of man-made structures and the glitters of things other than the stars, we don’t look twice at the leaves on a tree or the grass at our feet. Do we ever think about what makes the wind blow, or the rivers flow?
How is it that currents are strong enough to overpower a human? We who we think are so strong and mighty? Ahh, Who has the upper hand of it all?
Do we think that we can break open a seed and pull a out a plant like a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat? How far does the human ability go? Are they not miracles then, how forests grow and wild herbs thrive with absolutely no help from us?

“Surely Allah is The One Who splits the grain and the date-stone (for sprouting). He brings forth the living from the dead and He is The One Who brings forth the dead from the living. That is Allah! Then from where are you being deluded?
(He is) The One Who makes the dawn to break. He has made the night for rest and the sun and moon for calculation (of days). This is a measure set by the All-Mighty, the All-Knowing.
He is The One Who made for you the stars, so that you may be guided in the darkness of the land and the sea. We have elaborated the signs for people who know.” (6:95-97)

Maybe living in the city has taken away the ability to recognise these things around us. But I believe that it’s a state of mind, and how we perceive things. I would always wonder how we could see the magnitude of our Lord in this concrete jungle – it’s hard to find it. Until someone told me that we have to look beyond all the man-made-ness. Who gave them the brains to engineer such structures, to design such wonders, to orchestrate such endeavours, to achieve such standards? And if we still get lost in it, then we do have our patches of grass in the middle of the road, the trees that workers find shade under, the clouds in the sky and the moon overhead.

But there are miracles in our lives too, not just in the life around us. It’s up to us to recognise them as such. Do you believe in the miracle of time? Being somewhere at the right moment, when perhaps it was not part of your plan? I do, and I find it amazing because that is something we have no part in. It just “happens”.
Have you been delayed somehow, by traffic maybe, only to reach your destination late but realise that it’s actually perfect timing? Getting there at that time maybe saved you a lot of extra work or a double trip, because all the while you were delayed, something was sorting itself out make things easier for you. And that’s how it was meant to be.
Maybe you forgot to courier an important document and have to wait for the whole weekend to pass by in order to get that done, and in all that agitation and restlessness you didn’t think that perhaps there might be a snowstorm on the way and sending in on time, as per you, would have only delayed the process by more than you could imagine, and a little delay, as per you, would get it there perfectly on time.
Maybe you took a wrong turn, maybe someone stopped to talk to you, maybe you broke your shoe and had to buy a new one, or maybe you overslept – instead of getting hot and bothered sometimes, I think we need to remind ourselves that a miracle is in the making and we need to breathe and let it work itself out.

There are so many incidents where, at that time, all you can think is SubhanAllah! Perfect place at the perfect time. Do we consider them miracles, that we were placed there? Near misses or almost hits – when a life is saved we find this easier to relate to.
I was walking with a one year old the other day, and the whole time, she kept falling and getting up, and falling again after every few steps. And I thought about how at that stage, to stumble and fall, or even pick oneself up is not a big deal, but how it gets harder as we get older. She, however, didn’t tire of just going on.
We marvel at a baby’s first steps, their first words, their first teeth. We croon and laugh in amazement because these things are so new to this little one. There comes a point when we stop thinking about it though, stop realising how efficiently we’re using it, or what a blessing it is for us. We don’t think of what we would be like without it. To wake up, walk about, make our breakfast and have the choice of what to eat, to have people who care about us or a place to learn. To be able to see and read and write, with no conscious effort.

We may not having the parting of the sea or the splitting of the moon, but we do have an emotional heart that is the motor of our body – pumping blood so we can function, we have sunrises and sunsets, and waves that lap at our feet. Do you ever marvel at the spectrum of colours when the sun rises, how the ink blue fades to light blue, the fingers of orange and pink streaking across the sky, as the whole horizon transforms..
There are miracles in everything around us. We just have to be able to recognise it, appreciate it, and use them for their purpose – to get us closer to Allah (swt). It is His Favour upon us that He puts them in our way to help us believe with conviction and strengthen our faith.
So… do you believe in miracles?



One thought on “Could it be a Miracle?

  1. Sakina Ali says:

    Yes I do believe in miracles… Allah has given me 4 in the form of daughters. I looked at them growing and marvelling over every stage. How their Creator protected them everytime I wasn’t watching. The fact that HE made me see and feel as a mother is a miracle on its own…و الحمد لله رب العلمين

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