The canvas of life

How many times have we woken up in the morning thanking Allah that we had a bed to sleep in comfortably? And even if it was an uncomfortable night’s sleep, thanking Him that we have a roof above our heads.
How many times have we made a meal in our kitchens and realised how grateful we have to be to have a stocked fridge and cupboards. And if they weren’t so stocked at the time, that we could put down a list and do the groceries over the weekend. Because He gave us the means.
How many times have we thought about the fact that we have some place to go everyday – school, work, class, meeting up with friends – is such a blessing because we have human interaction then, we have relationships, we have the means of getting about and the health to do so.
Why is it that only when we are faced with a wall in our lives that we think about these things? That only when there is a threat of it all being snatched away do we realise how much we want to hold on to them, how much for granted that we had taken them as being a part of our lives, not even as something special.

Life is in the details. Take that away and all you’re left with is a blank canvas. The big events mean nothing without the little things it takes to get there.

We are so focused on the major occurrences in our lives: an exam, graduation, promotion day, payday, a birthday, an anniversary, a party, a birth, a death..
We forget about those little details that help us get through every day: the people we hug and greet and laugh with, the things that make us smile, the bond we have with certain people – the things that make it worth it.
Do we not realise that we would be miserable without those tiny occurrences everyday?

Do we think it’s something to thank Allah for?
The fact that we have mothers who take care of us, a husband who provides for us, children to love, siblings to share things with, friends to bond with. The fact that we are in a stable place financially, and don’t have to worry about tomorrow. Don’t have to wonder about how to feed our families because our houses are well-stocked.

It is human tendency to mostly be thankful for what you had. ie: to realise your blessings only when they’re gone. But as Muslims, it is incumbent upon us to be thankful for what we have.
And if you were to count the blessings of Allah, never will you be able to count them (14:34)

Depression is not becoming of the character of a Muslim. What is there to be depressed about??
The biggest ne’amah is that we are Muslim. Alhamdulillah!
We have our health, we have homes, we have family, we have friends. We have people who love us, who care about us, who worry about us, who fight with us, who support us, who defend us, who clothe us, who feed us, who give us gifts, who make us smile… The list goes on.

You know this thing called life? Well guess what? It’s a blessing.
So instead of spending most of it thinking about what we don’t have, what we want to have, or what we’d rather not have, how about we spend it thinking about how every little thing we DO have is a blessing.
Like the fact that you’re able to read this right now.

Yes, if you can read this and understand it, you are blessed: you have some form of technology and know how to use it, you have your sight, your limbs are mobile, you are literate. And that’s only the beginning.
We tend to be dissatisfied because we look at others. They always seem to have more, or be happier than us. The grass always looks greener on the other side because we can only see the weeds on ours. The truth is, everyone has their share of problems. You probably wouldn’t want to be in their shoes!

Here’s a challenge: think of 5 new things that you’re grateful for everyday. And this might seem hard at first, but you’ll see that it gets easier. And you’ll see how rich we all actually are. And you’ll be a much happier person for it InshaAllah =)


One thought on “The canvas of life

  1. Sakina Ali says:

    So true subhaanallah! I can actually think of more than five things to be grateful for everyday. I am grateful that I got the oppurtunity to fast a fews days of dhul Hajj and the day of Arafat itself…Allah knows how many sins I have accumulated thst need to be forgiven. I am truly blessed to be given the chance to realise that I am blessed..alhumdulilah

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