Ayah of the Day – Second 5

Day 6


Firstly, can I just say how much I love Surah Yusuf? Even before attempting to understand the Qur’an, it was the one surah that drew me in because it was like a story from beginning to end – something we are all suckers for – making it easily understandable.
Secondly, the last statement in this ayah is 👌: “and above everyone possessed of knowledge is the All-Knowing One.” (12:76)
We all have knowledge, ideas and plans. And sometimes that knowledge is incorrect and our plans don’t quite work out. No matter how much we think we know, however experienced we are, we always have to remember that there is One Who has infinite knowledge and wisdom, and everything occurs based on His plan.
Knowledge was given to Adam (as) to elevate the status of man above even the angels. Don’t misuse it or make it a source of pride – a sin that Shaytan was kicked out of Jannah for.
#keeplearning #GemsfromtheQuran#AyahoftheDay #RamadanChronicles#striveforJannah

It was to this post that I got this reply from a Christian classmate of mine, someone I’ve never been super close to, but is now part of my social media circles:

“I must thankyou for sharing this! Been a couple days since I’ve been pondering over the plans of what my Lord has in store for me and for some reason the story of Adam and Eve kept playing In my head… and again this is the third time I’ve read and heard the exact same thoughts that kept me awake couple of days in a row. In the end we all have to connect to the same level of a higher consciousness and spirituality. Because only He knows all since He is the Aplha and Omega. Praise the LORD and tha kyou again!”

I was pretty mind-blown when I read this, and didn’t quite know what to say. SubhanAllah, you never know what you say that can touch someone’s heart, and we are no one to say who that might be.

Day 7


This beautiful ayah comes after a long conversation between Allah swt and Shaytan about why he didn’t prostrate to Adam (as) when he was commanded to (pride), and how he would be kicked out of Jannah and cursed. Shaytan asked for respite until the Last Day and, despite who he was, Allah swt granted it to him. *Never think you’re too much of a sinner to be forgiven!
Shaytan then says that he would lead everyone astray, *except the most sincere of the slaves of Allah – may Allah make us from them, ameen! Because he doesn’t actually have power over us. We just choose to follow him!
After Allah swt talking about where those who follow Shaytan will end up (Hell) and a description of where those who remain true to Him will be (Paradise), He swt says this: “Inform My servants that I am the Forgiving, the Merciful.” No matter how far from the path you have strayed, or how hard your heart has become, all it takes is one sincere action of turning to Him in repentance. You’re definitely not as bad as Shaytan, and even he was granted a response to his du’a!
Like a quote from Mufti Menk recently put it so perfectly: After a thousand tears of joy at committing sin, a single tear of repentance washes it all.
#alwaysaskforforgiveness#itsnevertoolate #keepstriving#GemsfromtheQuran #AyahoftheDay#RamadanChronicles #lategram

Day 8


Well isn’t this just lovely!
Even though Islam talks about the benefits of giving in charity and how much it is rewarded, it might not be easy for some people. And so, this is where character is so important – because even if you can’t afford to give, do not offend.
I think that’s so important especially in this country where we see so many people in need that it becomes something of a nuisance to have them following you, and all you want to do is shoo them away. But before you do, stop yourself. Remember: a smile and a kind word goes a long way.
And the ayah after that is amazing too! Don’t be stingy, but don’t give so much that you are in need yourself. Remember, it’s not about the quantity, but quality. Your intention. That’s all Allah looks at ♡
#keepgiving #smile #itssadaqah#itsthelittlethings #reflect#GemsfromtheQuran #AyahoftheDay#RamadanChronicles #striveforJannah

Day 9


I can’t even begin to imagine what this must have felt like. For Musa (as) to have gone for what he thought was to get some fire, and he discovers that it was Allah swt instead.
To be standing before his Rabb, about to have a conversation. He was the only one who Allah swt spoke to directly! What an amazing honour!
And yet, when we stand for salah, are we not readying ourselves to have a conversation with our Rabb? Standing before Him, the King of Kings, ready to pour our hearts out, to lay down our worries. Ah, if only we thought of that when we prayed – that we are as privileged as Musa (as), because we get to do it multiple times a day.
#stayfocused #salahisTheConnection#keepgoing #GemsfromtheQuran#AyahoftheDay #RamadanChronicles#striveforJannah


This has always been one of my favourite ayahs. Having Allah swt say “I have chosen you for Myself” is just awe-inspiring.

And yet, when I was reading it today, what I noticed about it was the build up. He (swt) summarises the story of Musa (as) in about 3 ayahs, and then says “I produced you for Myself.” Right here, to have this conversation at this moment with Me.
In other words, every single thing happens with reason. Whether it may be moments that make you rise with joy, or a downfall that is heartbreaking, it all brings you to where you are right now. They are all what made you this person.
And to know that your story was written by the best of Writers is simply an amazing feeling ♡
#staytrue #storiesfromtheQuran#GemsfromtheQuran #AyahoftheDay#RamadanChronicles #striveforJannah

Day 10


This is the kind of trust we should have – like when Ibraheem (as) was thrown into a fire for disobeying his people and destroying the idols, he didn’t blink. Because he knew that his Rabb would save him.
By all logic and reason, he should have been terrified. There can be no outcome from being thrown into fire except death. But Ibraheem (as) walked out of it alive because Allah swt ordered the fire to be cool.
SubhanAllah! When you put complete faith in Allah, the One Who controls every single thing in the universe, know that He can change the laws of physics for you.
When you take that step towards Him, and it seems like one that will result in failure, yet you do it just to please Him, know that He can give you the highest success.
Don’t ever doubt His love for you, when you show your love for Him.
#forlove #GemsfromtheQuran#AyahoftheDay #RamadanChronicles#striveforJannah


“And He restrains the sky from falling upon the earth, unless by His permission…” We take this sky for granted, we do. Have we ever thought about how it stays up there? In another ayah, Allah swt says that He has raised the sky up high without any pillars.
Anyone who has ever built anything will know how important a pillar is to a structure. And yet it covers us like a canopy, protects us from the black holes of the universe, and we are, quite literally, in our own little bubble!
We need to reflect on the creation around us. It is simply amazing. ☆
#reflect #ponder #GemsfromtheQuran#AyahoftheDay #RamadanChronicles#striveforJannah


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