Ayah of the Day – Fifth 5

Day 21


There is a saying that goes “A believer is a trader” – المؤمن تاجر – because every deed, every action, is a transaction to get the maximum in the Akhirah.
This world is but for a short time. There have been people in their graves for years, and we will be of them too. What then? The only tool we have is time – to use every second to ensure we pile our rewards in the next life.
It’s not about YOLO (actually we live twice), or just living in the moment without accountability. Enjoy the moments for sure, for Allah swt has beautified this world for us – but always remember that the ultimate goal is Paradise, which means our entire lifetime here is the like the duration of a test paper.
How much are we striving to make sure we pass?
When you showered this morning, even if your intention was to please Allah because He loves it when we keep ourselves clean, that’s sending good deeds forward for the next life. SubhanAllah!
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Spending for the sake of Allah is not about how much, it’s about how much was that worth to you?
I believe it was Sajid Umar who gave the example of a man who give 10/- when he has 100/- in his wallet, and one who gives 10/- when he has only 20/-. The amount is the same for them both, but the sacrifice is greater for the second.
In another ayah, Allah swt says that the Ansar of Madinah gave the emigrants of Makkah preference over themselves even though they had a little.
And I have noticed that it is the ones who don’t have much that are always so willing to give more, SubhanAllah.
One of the major points to take away these last ten days is to spend more: “And spend [in the way of Allah ] from what We have provided you before death approaches one of you and he says, “My Lord, if only You would delay me for a brief term so I would give charity and be among the righteous.” (63:10)

Because only those who have overcome the stinginess in their hearts, and the attachment of this world, will be successful ☆

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Day 22


This has to be one of the most beautiful du’as, and should be on our list in these last precious days.

Asiya was married to the worst man alive – Fir’oun – but she was also quite literally the queen of the world. And yet she didn’t take solace with all the riches at her fingertips, her heart was not attached to it. All she wanted was freedom from him.
The wording of this du’a is so amazing because it says “Oh Allah, build for me near You a house in Paradise”, and while the structure of that sentence is a little bit strange, it has immense significance.
She could have said “build me a house near You in Paradise” and it would have essentially given the same meaning.
But for her, being near Allah swt was more important. She had a palace in this world, she had plenty of things – she just wanted to be near her Rabb.
That’s where her heart was ♡
Where do we want to be in Jannah?
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These ayahs are really scary but very important to remember.
On the Day of Judgment, everyone is going to ONLY worry about themselves. “نفسي نفسي” or “myself myself” is a phrase commonly used to encompass that.
All these bonds of blood or love or friendship, or what strengthened through time and experience will not matter. At. All.
Allah swt says the people that were closest to you – one’s children, spouse, siblings, all those people who showed you kindess – will be used by you to try and ransom yourself from the fire. May Allah protect us.

We would put ourselves in harms way if it meant saving our child from hurt. But on that Day, if we could give Allah the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD if it means that we’re safe, we would do it.
Of course we cannot. That’s not how it works.
But in Ramadan, Allah swt writes down those that He frees from the fire. Every night, He saves people. Make absolute sincere du’a every single night that it is you. And then work hard to make it true.
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Day 23


When I was studying this surah, this phrase really stuck in my head (it could also be due to the fact that my teacher quoted it quite often!) But it is scarily true.
We are told to submit to Allah swt completely, yet when it comes to His rulings, we pick and choose as per our convenience. We are whole-hearted when it suits us, and reluctant when it doesn’t.
Of course Islam is flexible depending on your circumstance, but intentionally pushing something aside because it is too hard for us to come to terms with, because it would cost us too much to actually deal with it, is like browsing and selecting where a store doesn’t even exist.
I believe the term used is ‘fatwa shopping’

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The end goal of fasting is taqwa – absolute consciousness of Allah swt. To be aware of the fact that He always sees us, and always knows what we are thinking, feeling, and doing.
Whether it is a whisper from your lips, words said out loud, or a thought in your mind – Allah swt knows it all. It is all the same to Him because the barriers we have in our senses don’t apply to Him.
So when Ramadan leaves us and the fasting is over, will we still be conscious of this? Would we still remember to hold our tongues, our actions, and stay away from what displeases Him, because His Seeing is not limited to only when we are fasting and not supposed to take a bite. It is every second that we are living and breathing, and even after that.
May Allah swt make us of the muttaqeen! Ameen!

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Belief in the afterlife is what differentiates us from so many others. It is what pushes us to do more good, holds us back from committing evil, and brings us to salah 5 times a day – the fear of missing even one, and displeasing Allah.
Without absolute certainty in the Akhirah, what motivation do we have for anything?
It is when this certainty slips that we sin too, and when it is firm do we strive our utmost to attain the best ranks there.
When we only live for this world, the next becomes a blur, a thing in the far distance that may come upon us someday.
But those who truly believe know that it starts the moment we die, and because we don’t know when that is, we should try and live each moment like it will be our last.

And so patience becomes easy. Prayer becomes easy. Humility becomes easy. Because they know the reward awaits them. They know without a doubt that they will meet their Lord.
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Day 24


Allah swt has a simple formula: show our interest, and He is there. Remember Him, and He will remember us. Call upon Him, and He will respond. We just have to take that step.
People wonder why we have du’as for every little thing – when we wake up, before we eat, dress, go to the bathroom, sleep, etc. It could seem overwhelming.
But He swt taught us these words so that we remember Him in the smallest acts of our day, and so that it is a reminder to ourselves that we cannot do anything if not for Him.
Just by following what becomes habit to a lot of people, you have qualified for this ayah – and Allah remembers you especially in the company of angels, when you remember Him especially in a company of friends.
Remembering Him constantly throughout the day brings about gratitude, because we are consciously aware of the fact that we woke up this morning healthy, that we have food to eat, clothes to wear, and the simple things that make life so rich. Simple things that many are deprived of.
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Part of the relationship we have with our Lord is that we love Him more than anything else. This is an important factor because love is a big part of our lives. We love love.
We love people and things and experiences and places… but how does that love define us?
Love is one of the most powerful motivators, and whatever holds our love, controls us. So when we love something more than we love Allah, we give preference to it. We put those needs before what He has asked of us.
But when our love of Allah exceeds all bounds? Submission is easy. Anything He tells us to do is easy, and staying away from what He doesn’t like becomes easier. Because when you love someone, all you want to do is make them happy.
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Day 25


This is such a beautiful reminder, especially with the state of the world right now.
This is a prelude to the story of David and Goliath, where King Saul led a very unenthusiastic army who didn’t even want to fight. When there is no motivation, anything is an excuse.
But those with true faith, those who had absolute certainty in (meeting) Allah – because when you’re sure you’re going to meet Him, you’re absolute trust is in His plan – knew that it was not about the numbers. That the greater victory is in the afterlife. It’s not about what we can see.
When we truly have faith, we would know that Allah is capable of anything. That He can change the situation 180 degrees by just the word “Be!” It’s not about who runs the world, what laws they change, or what they say. When we have trust in Allah, we have patience in His plan, because we know that He will take care of us.
#itsallabouttrust #GemsfromtheQuran#AyahoftheDay #RamadanChronicles#striveforJannah


This is a great reminder especially in these days where we are told to be more charitable.
Ramadan comes and we may empty our pockets, but it should not be at the expense of emptying our scales too. The best charity is that done in secret, but here, Allah swt isn’t just talking about our peers. Those that we give sadaqah to obviously know we have given them, but it is of the character of a Muslim to not remind them that they are of a lower status. That they have less. That they have been helped. That they have received charity.
But the thing about charity is, we should be grateful for those who ask and those who need, for we are not doing them a favour. Rather, they are doing US a favour. How else could we earn Allah’s pleasure through this avenue? How else could we purify ourselves and our wealth? How else can we attain Jannah this way?

#beinggrateful #itsthelittlethings #reflect#GemsfromtheQuran



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