Ayah of the Day – Fourth 5

Day 16

IMG_20160623_225237This was the du’a of Sulaiman (as) and he was granted it. He had a kingdom that absolutely no one else had, with all the riches one could imagine, as well as the elements and animals under his command. How was this possible? He just asked. When we make du’a, we need to remember Who we are asking. Allah swt created every blade of grass, every tiny crawling creature, every atom in this universe – and He controls it all. When you ask someone who is rich, you don’t ask for a little, because you know their capacity. Don’t doubt that He will give you, because it is nothing to Him to allow you all the riches in the world, all the control you can imagine. Don’t belittle your wishes because you think He won’t grant it to you. “I am as My servant thinks of Me”, He says. If we assume He won’t, He will not. But if we ask with absolute conviction that He will make it work out, He will grant us that wish. #aimhigh #asktheKingoftheWorlds#keepstriving #GemsfromtheQuran#AyahoftheDay #RamadanChronicles#striveforJannah #lategram

Day 17

I had to put this oft-heard ayah because it is absolutely beautiful!

Never ever think that your sins are too big for Allah’s mercy, or that you are too far away from Him. All you have to do is turn to Him – not even physically – just that little feeling in your heart that is guilt. Regret. Wanting to be close to Him again.
And if you call upon Him, with total and utter conviction, He swt WILL respond. Besides, there is no better feeling than pouring your heart out to the One Who knows your deepest darkest secrets ♡
#alwaysaskforforgiveness #itsnevertoolate#keepstriving #GemsfromtheQuran#AyahoftheDay #RamadanChronicles#striveforJannah


This are just pretty awesome couple of ayahs!

Don’t fight fire with fire. ‘Repel evil with good and you will find that your enemies are now your best friends’. BUT it will only be achieved with patience. SubhanAllah!
That is not easy to do because when someone hurts us, our first reaction is to hurt back. But after taking torture for 13 years in Makkah – where the Prophet (pbuh) maintained his amazing character – many of those enemies turned out to be some of the best companions later on. Patience patience patience.
If only we all practiced it. How much war would there be in the world?
#spreadlovenotwar #patience#GemsfromtheQuran #AyahoftheDay#RamadanChronicles #striveforJannah


This is just 😍😍 Imagine entering Jannah and having the angels tell you that they were your allies in this world. Well Allah swt informs us of that now – we literally have guardian angels.
Who needs a gang when you’ve got amazing creation on your side? 😎

It’s so so lovely to see how the angels make du’a for us. ❤ They are always around Allah swt and pick the right moment to put in a word for us – and not just each of us individually, but our loved ones too, when they say, “and whoever was righteous among their fathers, their spouses and their offspring.” You know how you pick the teacher’s pet to ask the teacher for a favour, or the favoured sibling or grandchild because you know they won’t be refused? These are creations of Allah that only glorify Him and never disobey Him. These magnificent creatures of honour that remember us enough to ask Allah to forgive us. SubhanAllah!
If they are asking for us, we had better be asking for ourselves!
#alwaysaskforforgiveness#guardianangels #forlove#GemsfromtheQuran #AyahoftheDay


Sometimes we go about the motions of our worship out of habit – simply because we have become accustomed to it.
We forget why we are doing it, and Who we are doing it for.
Who is Allah?
He has placed signs all around us so that we may ponder and #reflect. We can connect to Him by simply observing the amazing smoothness in which everything runs, the incredible creation that inhabits this earth with us, not the least to say, the incredible creation that is the human being.
In this age of technology where we are handicapped if our phone is not within our reach, it is ok to let loose and do nothing once in a while. It only brings us closer to our Lord ♡
#reflect #amazingcreation#GemsfromtheQuran #AyahoftheDay

Day 18


This is the mercy of Allah, that even when we don’t put Him first, even when we give other things and people more importance, He swt STILL takes care of us, still provides for us, still protects us.
We mostly turn to Him in times of difficulty but we forget that the normalcy of a day where everything goes as it should is His love towards us, making sure life is good. It is only the absence of something that makes us value and appreciate it, and He does that just so that we realise that nothing that happens is of our doing, but it is all controlled by Him swt.
#beinggrateful #GemsfromtheQuran#AyahoftheDay #RamadanChronicles#striveforJannah #lategram


This is a phrase that is repeated a lot in the Qur’an – “We are doing what we found our forefathers doing and will continue with that because we believe they were right”. Mostly it applies to the said group of people not wanting to accept one God, but this is a line that we hear a lot even in Muslim societies today.
A lot of extras have filtered into the practice of religion – culture that has no base but becomes a part of deen – and it is really scary because people believe it is right simply because generations before them did the same thing.
It shows how important the hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) is, where he says that seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim, and he talks of knowledge of religion because of course people are going to be educated in terms of the world.
Always always verify when you hear something. Never take anything for granted. Only when I started learning did I realise how many things we were told to do or not do had no reason behind them, and it isn’t easy to change a habit you’ve become accustomed to!
#donttakeitforgranted #keeplearning#GemsfromtheQuran #AyahoftheDay#RamadanChronicles #striveforJannah#lategram

Day 19


This is definitely something that we don’t take seriously.
We have nicknames for people close to us, made out of love, made for fun, and sometimes we have nicknames for people that we don’t like, picking on an aspect of themselves that they’re probably not proud of.
Whether it’s said with love or not, and whether the recipient takes it with grace or not, we truly don’t know how it makes them feel.
It’s scary because on the Day of Judgment when everyone only cares about themselves, a slight word could be enough to tip your scales and have to hand over your deeds.
Islam isn’t just about praying and fasting and reciting the Qur’an. That is not what makes us good Muslims. It is caring about the people around us and looking out for society that completes our religion.
#nonicknames #GemsfromtheQuran#AyahoftheDay #RamadanChronicles#striveforJannah #lategram


The only reason we have different skin colours and different accents and different features are so that we recognise one another.
To have a culture is to be rich, to have something to belong to, a certain way of doing things; and the reason we travel is to explore other ways of life, drink it all in.
Why then do we have so many labels for people, races, and origins? We all came from one man anyway. We are all the children of Adam.
This reminds me of a video I watched recently where participants took a journey based on their DNA, so that they would know where they came from. And they were a mix of so many races, it was amazing.
We are not all one thing. We are many things, the same way the person next to you is many things. And in embracing that we can hopefully find some peace, and resolve the discord between the race that is humanity.
#embracethedifferences#breakingbarriers #GemsfromtheQuran#AyahoftheDay #RamadanChronicles#striveforJannah #lategram

Day 20


And this is the purpose of#AyahoftheDay 😊
We all need reminders, me before anyone else. No matter how many times we’ve been told, or however long we’ve been doing the same thing, we need to be reminded of the Why. To connect ourselves back to our Rabb.
To remember what pleases and displeases Him.
And to strive to be of those who get to see Him ♡
May Allah make us of those privileged ones, ameen!

#remind #keepreminding#GemsfromtheQuran #AyahoftheDay#RamadanChronicles #striveforJannah#lategram


Who is Allah? #part1

The best way to connect to our Creator is to observe the world around us, how He takes care of it, how everything runs smoothly.
That on so much of it we depend. That without it, we wouldn’t be able to survive.
#reflect #GemsfromtheQuran#AyahoftheDay #RamadanChronicles#striveforJannah #lategram


Who is Allah? #part2
All the elements, whose knowledge of their use came down through generations, without which we could not survive, even living in this age of technology, come from our Rabb.
The One Who takes care of us, created us, and provides for us. Oh how we take these things for granted!
The water flowing from our taps that is the perfect drink to quench our thirst after a long day, the fire that lights with a flick of a knob, the trees that give us shade and breeze and oxygen.
Do we realise what our lives will be like without them? Do we realise that we truly cannot do nothing ourselves, and that Allah swt controls everything?
To Him we must be grateful, and to Him we will return.
#reflect #GemsfromtheQuran#AyahoftheDay #RamadanChronicles#striveforJannah #lategram



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